At las Merindades you will be able to find tons of activities to be done and places to be visited (if you still dont know what you should take a look at our environment); but if you are looking for something specific, tell us, for sure we can find what you are looking for.

We explain you why…

Mayte, our host, has a Bachelor in Ciencias Ambientales y Guía Turístico. The last 7 years she have been working as guide in Cuevas de Ojo Guareña, both in Cueva Palomera and Cueva-Ermita de San Bernabé, doing guided visits in english and spanish. Before that, she spent 8 years as environmental educator in Aulas de la Naturaleza located in las Merindades, surrounded by mountains and childens.

Because her environment is the mountain…

She loved her work, the contact with you, guide you till hidden paraises, show you the beauty of the birds, the uses of the plants, help you with the identification of the animals. show you curiosities about invertebrates and a really long etcetera, being able to adapt to your needs.

On the other hand, the last months she has being specilyzing in accessible tourism, doing different courses, between them the A1 and A2 levels of sign language, to be able to comunicate with people that require it.

What can we offer you?

  • Ornithology
  • Guided hiking trails
  • Environmental education activities
  • Accesible tourism activities
  • Bike rental: 25 euros/day
  • Electric bike rental: 50 euros/day

If yours are cultural, gastronomic, adventure or other trips, we can also inform you about the different possibilities in the area, and help you with the organization.

Because we know our environment, we can inform you.